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5 Fashionable Rules For Dating

Happy Tuesday loves! I hope that you enjoyed your fabulous Thanksgiving weekend as much as I did. As we are on to gearing up for Christmas, I wanted to share a joyful post with you today. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love, love. It’s such a beautiful thing when it’s with the right person. One of my favorite parts of being young and in love is the dating and special outings. It’s the time to explore new places, foods, and even fashion. Yes, you read it right, fashion! Many times, the hardest part about dating is not knowing what to wear. It’s like things in our closet either don’t fit or we think aren’t good enough. In reality, we usually overthink it. If a person is really into you, they will love what you wear. If not, they’ll take the time to upgrade your look. Either way, it’s a win-win!

In today’s post, I came up with 5 fashionable rules for dating. I’m going to use today’s outfit as an example of a dressy or more formal date-night. It’s sexy, flirty and fun but still modest enough to keep you classy. Okay, okay! Enough talk about that. Let’s get down to the 5 rules!

1. Always try on your outfit at leave 5 hours in advance: The worst thing is finding out your outfit doesn’t fit 30 minutes before your date. It’s frustrating and puts you behind time when meeting your crush. Taking the time to even prepare the night before takes out the stress and reassures you that you look just fine.

2. Wear comfortable heels: If you are going for a dressy look like here in today’s post, then wearing heels will complete the look. Try picking your most comfortable pair of shoes so that you can function in them without falling or crying because your feet are on fire. Heels also give definition to your calves which can be very sexy. My favorite date shoe is the YSL tribute sandal because they are comfortable yet stylish!

3. Wear darker colors: You may be wondering what this is all about…Well, I like to wear darker colors on the first few dates just in case there is an accident. If any type of food drops on you, you’re covered. It’s not mandatory, but why not save yourself from having a big stain!

4. Carry oil blotting pads: One of my favorite essentials to carry in my purse daily are oil pads. If you are like me, you tend to have oily spots that build up over time on your face. Pull out your pads and dab your face to keep it fresh and lively.

5. Accessories matter: Accessories are a fashion necessity. They complete and compliment your look whether you are dressy or casual. Try adding a bauble that incorporates colors from your outfit. It may seem small, but trust, your guy will love it!

So there you have it, Five Fashionable Rules For Dating. It’s simple things like this that will give you the confidence to go on your date. Looking good is more for you than for your date. It’s a way to show your style, creativity, passion and personality. The main thing to remember is the more comfortable you are in your skin (and in your wardrobe), the more fun you will have. I wanted to suggested some fashionable ideas for you, so take a look at the end of this post to find the perfect dating essentials!

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