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9 Fun Things To Do In Nashville

Tennessee Blog

My recent trip to Tennessee was absolutely amazing and pretty yummy. I knew that the south was known for their food, but it wasn’t until we took a family road trip to Nashville, that I discovered what real southern food was like. It was good that we stayed for only a few days because I was eating everything in sight, and I don’t regret it one bit. It was definitely a great mini vaca with family and friends and it felt good to go to a place where you could lay back and really enjoy time with one another. Though I’m definitely more of a city girl, it was a great experience and time well spent.

So in today’s blog post, I’m going to show you some of my favorite hot spots to visit and dine while you are visiting Nashville. We did a lot in just a few days, so feel free to pick and choose what you want to do based on how much time you have and the pace your crew wants to go. Alright, let’s get started…

  1. Hutton Hotel: I’m a person that is pretty particular about where I want to stay on trips. I’m usually with only females, so safety is big for me no matter where we go. This time, we had our entire family, but we still wanted to stay at a place where we felt comfortable and had great service. The Hutton Hotel was the perfect place for us. It’s a boutique hotel that offers great service and the staff is so nice. One of my favorite features was the amazing shower. I know that may sound shocking, but I had a blast during shower time, as you could choose your perfect temperature and customize it to your liking. It’s like your own personal spa! 
  2. Update: Thompson Hotel – My second time around in Nashville, I had the opportunity to stay at the Thompson Nashville, and it was absolutely amazing. From the beautiful decor to the amazing staff and even better rooms, I would recommend this hotel for anyone looking for a quant, boutique hotel with a luxurious feel. Centrally located in The Gulch, there is an abundance of restaurants, stores and cafes in walking distance. It’s a 5 minute drive from Hattie B’s, which is a plus.
  3. Hattie B’s: If you are looking for amazing fried chicken, then you MUST visit Hattie B’s. It is literally the some of the best I’ve ever had. Be prepared for a line outside of the restaurant, but it’s worth the wait and more. For the sides, I’d suggest their fries, and grab some cobbler for dessert. Warning: Be prepared to break the diet! 

*Note: A bonus to staying at the Hutton Hotel is that the walk to Hattie B’s is less than 5 minutes. Oh yeah!! 

Bedroom Hutton

3. Draper James: One of my favorite places to visit in Nashville was Draper James by Reese Witherspoon. I was recently featured on there site as a woman who inspires, so it was great to go in and meet some of the staff and sip on some southern sweet tea. It’s such a cute store that has so many goodies to shop for. I bought a few dresses for upcoming speaking engagements and I’m so excited to wear them. Plus, they have a super cute Instagramable wall outside of the store that’s a must-see. 

4. I Believe in Nashville Sign: On of the most iconic places to take a photo on your trip to Nashville is the “I believe in Nashville” sign. It’s a must and the great thing is that it’s literally right across from Draper James. You can capture two great Instagram moments at once! 

5. Belle Meade Plantation: If you are looking for historical sites to visit, then Belle Meade Plantation is a great museum to visit. It was especially touching for me to see the history of the slaves who lived and worked on that plantation. It’s was amazing to learn more about the music, food and history of this historic place. (Photo of the Belle Meade Mansion in collage above)


Nashville Sign

6. Loveless Cafe: As I mentioned above, food in Nashville is the best! Loveless Cafe is another amazing restaurant that you must visit while in town. The biscuits and with their homemade jelly or honey is everything. It was so good that we’ve ordered the mix to make at home for the upcoming holiday season. One of my favorite meals was the honey rub smoked chicken, grits and cheese and greens. It’s their Saturday special, but there are plenty of amazing options if you go any other day throughout the week. 


7. Franklin Juice Company: If you are looking for a healthy option on your travels, then the Franklin Juice Company is great for getting in your juices and yummy Açaí bowls. They use fresh, organic and local ingredients that you will love and want more of. 

8. Grand Ole Opry: One of the places that we could not leave Nashville without visiting was the Grand Ole Opry. It was one of the places that my Grandmother wanted to see, since she is a big country music fan. Though we did not have time to see a show, we had the opportunity to visit the store, and it was so fun. We picked up a few of my grandma’s favorite CD’s and Grand Ole Opry merch to take back as souvenirs. 

9. The Mall at Green Hills: If you are looking for luxury shopping or just a good ole mall, then The Mall at Green Hills is a great place to go. There is also a Nordstroms Cafe, which is a wonderful place to dine for lunch. 

To sum up my trip to Tennessee, I would say it was fun and laid back. Though there is so much more to do in Nashville, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite places to visit and things to do while in the city. If you’ve visited and would like to share some of your fave places to go, then please share below. This is a community of positivity and sharing, so please feel free to engage! 

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