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Camara Mathis Puts Us On Edge!

Camara Mathis is a name you should know. She not only is the daughter of famous judge, Greg Mathis, but she is one of the founders of Edge Magazine. I had the opportunity to sit down with Camara, and really dig deep into what Edge Magazine was all about. I can see her passion and dedication to help young individuals achieve their goals and dreams in life. Take a look at this interview I did with Camara, and find out what it means to be on EDGE:

Ari The Heiress: You started an online magazine called, Edge Magazine! How did this project come about? What made you want to start a magazine?

Camara: I started Edge magazine with two of my friends Iman Milner and Ashley Nguyen. We noticed how the internet was saturated with gossip blogs and negativity geared towards our generation. There aren’t many magazines or blogs that highlight the achievement of young minorities so we decided to create our own. We want Edge Magazine to be a platform for people who are succeeding in everything from the entertainment industry to humanitarian efforts.

Ari The Heiress: I was so honored to be featured in the first issue, along with many other talented people. Every story was inspiring and motivating. Will every edge mag contain stories of young people “making it” in different arenas?

Camara: Yes, our goal is to make every issue inspiring, witty, creative and uplifting. We are releasing our next issue December 1st and our new features are just as driven and motivating as the people in our current issue. There are so many people that go unnoticed from music producers to fashion designers Edge is working to change that. We have a lot of new things in line for December.

Above: Camara Mathis, Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris), and I at my Encounter 2010 Youth Conference!

Ari The Heiress: What are two principles an Edge reader needs to “Make It” in their career?

Camara: As an Edge reader you need to believe in yourself, appreciate every journey in life and go after your biggest dream no matter how big it is.

Ari The Heiress:
Why is it important to join, visit, and indulge yourself with Edge Mag?

Camara: As we say frequently tweet: Be Inspired, Be inspirational, Be on the Edge. The magazine is a platform showcasing success. It applauds people who have achieved some of their goals and gives up and coming artist a chance to showcase their talent. We also have the U.On.Edge section which allows readers to submit videos telling us what inspires them and we will continuously update the style, awareness, and love and relationship columns. When you indulge yourself into Edge Magazine you are not only being inspired you are helping to inspire and encourage others.

Ari The Heiress: I know your going to law school soon! Which is awesome. How will you balance law school and doing Edge Magazine? What advice would you give to someone going to school, and doing their career at the same time?

Camara: Law school starts this week and the assignments have already started to pour in! I believe that with good time management I can do anything. ( Basically no tv or social networks for the next three years of my life lol ) I’m excited for the challenge of school and the growth of Edge Magazine my two business partners are dedicated, creative and ambitious so I know this is just the beginning.

Make sure you visit and follow Edge Magazine on twitter @edgemagazinellc
Contact us at for submissions and a chance to be featured an our upcoming issue.

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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