Ariana Pierce, the Superstar CEO
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Gifts That Keep On Giving

Hi loves!! I’m super excited about the holiday season and all the great sales that are available. One of the most frustrating things about the holiday season is trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends. This season, I wanted to create special Christmas bundles for you or for you to give as Click here to read more.

Planning Your Next Move

They say fashion is all about taking risks, right? Those who dare to stand out the most seem to always win in the fashion and beauty arena. I can speak on it since I’ve been in the industry (owning Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe Accessories) for over 6 years now, and the thing that Click here to read more.

Target + Toms – One for One, For All Launch

I’m super excited to share with you today’s featured post! It’s all about gifts that keep on giving this holiday season. You may have noticed on my Instagram page that I featured the ultimate ugly Christmas “together sweater” from Target. It was so much fun gathering my friends up to put on the sweater and Click here to read more.

How I Use My Fashion Planner

(Cutting out fashion inspiration for the month of November) Being a fashion blogger and overall fashionpreneur didn’t come so easily when I first set my intentions to fill these titles. I had dreams, desires, and ultimately a big vision that I wanted to accomplish. I knew that all these things were possible, so I set Click here to read more.

3 Ways To Stand Out

Today is such a great day! I’m excited because so many of you have ordered your Superstar Chic Fashion Planner and you have put them to use already. I’ve heard so many testimonials on how this product has helped many of you bloggers plan out your entire posts for the month of November. Many have Click here to read more.