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How To Attract More Clients Online

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Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the secret to gaining more clients from online. You may be one of those people wondering how to attract profits and make money from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and blog posts. So many people say that social media is a great tool to use in order to gain more clients, grow your list and ultimately make money…But the big question is HOW? How does it all work?

How it works 

Let me be honest and share my personal experience with attracting clients online. It wasn’t easy…at first. When starting out on social media and other online resources, I had to figure out what I was going to post, when I was going to post and why I was doing it all. Over time, I figured out that I could use these channels to connect with customers and potential buyers by simply having a good conversation with them. Below I’m going to show you 4 ways to attract more clients from online.

  1. Have good conversation – The way to attracting people to your website and getting them to stay or continuously come back is to have good conversation. That means talk to them in a way that they connect with you personally. Talk back to people who comment on your posts, create compelling captions and have beautiful or interesting pictures to capture your ideal clients and customers.
  2. Post pictures that sell – Showing pictures of your products and services is a great way to attract clients and customers. Giving people a vision of what your brand offers is a great way to to up your sales. Show your product in use: What does it do? How does it work? Adding in video of your products or services is even better because people can really see how the item will benefit them and it’s a more realistic view.
  3. Build your blog – Contrary to popular belief, a blog is more than just about fashion and can be a great way to add more customers to your tribe. Why? Because it’s a way to explain, showcase and give tips on your products without sounding sales-y (For example, I was able to incorporate my nail polish at the end of this post)  You are able to creatively incorporate your products in posts that make you profits. In my book, How to Build Your Blogging Business…In a Week, I share how to set up your blog as a business and what it needs to be successful.
  4. Make things easy – I can’t tell you enough how many people I see online make it hard to shop their product or services. There’s no link to be found or email to inquire about where to shop. It immediately turns me off and even though I really like their products or services, I move on to another brand that makes it EASY TO SHOP. It may sound simple, but not having the proper links in place can cause you to lose out on thousands of dollars. Some things to consider to attract more people to your site and ultimately attain more customers are: Putting your link in your Instagram bio, add a shop now button to your business page on Facebook and put your website clear and bold on your business cards.

These are some of the top tips I’ve used to attract more clients and customers to my site and gain more profits. I found that after faithfully applying these 4 things, my monthly income began to increase each month. They are simple yet make a major difference in how people relate and trust your brand.

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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