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How To Plan Out Your Blog Posts For The Month

Starting a blog isn’t hard, it’s staying consistent and continuously producing new material that frustrates a lot of bloggers. Let me be honest, when I first started blogging, I was that person who did a post every three months. I couldn’t grasp the idea of creating content for an entire month. It was hard, draining and I just didn’t find it fun. Over time, I wanted to do this blogging thing more, so I had to change my strategy and find a way to be more consistent. I kept a planner and schedule for everything else in my life, so I decided to add this aspect to my blogging. Keeping a planner, making a list, scheduling post, and having the right information changed my entire life. Collaborations, endorsements, and various opportunities began to come my way because I implemented these key things that I’m going to highlight below.

  1. Hone in and find a theme.

The best way to stay consistent with your blogging is to take some time to plan out the entire month of posts you’d like to focus on. Think about what’s happening during that time. Is it a special holiday or theme happening? For example, February is not only the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it’s a big fashion month with events like New York Fashion Week and more. You can plan out posts that go along with both of these events, which will keep you relevant and consistent.

2. Never stop learning

The best way to stay on top of your blog is to continuously fill your mind with new information. Get books, magazines, and read lots of articles to keep your topics and pictures interesting. If you want your blog to stay relevant, up-to-date and delivering right on time information, then you must do your research. I recently introduced my book, How To Build Your Blogging Business…In A Week, that includes a wealth of knowledge on turning your blog into your money maker. Whether you are just starting a blog, or been in the game for some years, I wanted to fill this book with information that will transform your life by helping you to build your brand and stay up and running.

3. Get a planner

Once I got a planner that was solely dedicated to my blog, that’s when I was able to produce excellent content for my readers. Like I always say, success doesn’t just happen, it’s planned. You have to plan what’s next, product launches, and sales if you want to go to the next level in blogging. That’s why I created the Superstar Chic Fashion Planner. It allows you to schedule the entire month of posts, provides a checklist for how to share your post properly to get the best outcome, and keeps you organized for success. 95% of customers say that their blog posts have been more excellent, more consistent and shared more because of this planner. Wow! Cheers to the power of planning!



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