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Life After Michigan State Basketball

I had the opportunity to sit with one of Michigan State’s very own, Lauren Aitch. She is a recent graduate from MSU and is playing women’s basketball overseas. I met Lauren about a year ago and every time I talk to her, her passion to help young female athletes grow stronger and stronger! She even talked to me about her clothing line she wants to start for women of all sizes, from short to tall.  I could go on and on about Lauren, but I’ll let you read the interview for yourself!

1. I talked to you about your life after college basketball. You mentioned that you are playing basketball overseas! Can you tell us about where you’ll be and what team you are playing for?

I am Playing in Copenhagen denmark  for the SISU damer Team

2. I know a lot of young girls who are great with sports in high school. Can you give them some advice on how to make it in college basketball? What qualities does it take to play on the college level?

Practice practice practice!!!! To become a college athlete you have to have dedication and focus. I can tell you it takes mental toughness on many levels as well as being self driven! I also can say there is really nothing you can do to prepare yourself for the shift from high school to college basketball, you have to go in and experience it, but in every situation always give your best. There will never be a time where you can relax if you want to become the best you can be! Concentrate on your development as a player as well as being a team player and being a coachable player. This means listen to your coach and do what they say on the court. Collage coaches look for potential, and all around players and when I say “all around player” that doesn’t mean just basketball, that means what kind of character you have and what kind of student you are and how you treat your teammates and coaches. These are the key aspects of a player college coaches look for.

3. I know basketball took up so much of your time during the school year. How did you manage to succeed in school, and succeed on a big 10 basketball team?

When you are a student athlete you have to learn how to balance three things: your sport, your education, and your social life. It is very hard to balance all three so you have to make decisions a lot of college students don’t encounter during college. It all depends on the student athlete and what you want out of your years in college. Some decide to focus on there sport and social, some social and education, and some sport and education. Which ever avenue you choose the university will have support and resources to help you succeed in your sport as well as your education. I choose to use what the university had to set me up for a good future. The university used me and my physical attributes as well as my body so I returned the favor and used them simple as that. Just tried to make the best out of every opportunity I was given as a student athlete.

4.There is a stereotype that girls who play sports are not girly, or don’t like to dress up. The thing is, I always see you looking cute and wearing your heels! Can you tell us about your style, and what’s your favorite look to sport?

Oh gosh when I was growing up my mother was a business women and her big thing was and is to always keep yourself together and looking good. This is not only for others who see you, but for yourself when you look good you feel good .  I think I had my first pedicure when I was like 9, but I am a tall woman, 6’2 to be exact, and it makes me so mad when I see girls who are tall (and really they are like 5’8-6’0) embarrassed to wear heels because they will be too tall. Being tall is powerful so I believe in using it to your advantage. People are going to look and stare at me anyways because I am 6’2, I might as well look good doing it and give them something to stare at . As a rule, flats do nothing for your legs, so I sport heels when ever possible; shoes are my weakness I love them they are like icing on the cake!! But my favorite look is classy! To be more specific I would have to say my favorite look right now would be denim Skinny jeans with a white or black tank top scoop neck and a nice black blazer. Long gold necklace with or without a small charm on it with one stud diamond earring and one long gold earring. Of course the icing, colorful pumps, why not make them cream!

5. We talked about your clothing line that you are starting soon! Can you tell the readers about your line, and what styles they can expect to see?

Well Ari I am going to take some classes, I am in the process of getting into some design classes here in Denmark to really get the basics of starting a clothing line! I will give you this sneak preview. I am going to have 3 separate lines each playing a key with women’s self esteem issues. I wanna make every woman feel good about themselves through the expression of their clothing!!! Of course I am going to have pants for women with long legs because this had been something I struggled with growing up. I want heels galore, with sizes that fit small small feet and larger feet. That is some of the basics of my clothing line. I am excited now that I am finished with my masters and college basketball. I will  be able to take the time to really think and create this dream of mine!!!

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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