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Max Volume With Wet n Wild

This post is promoted by Wet n Wild.

Whenever it comes to makeup tips and tricks, I’m always looking for ways to show my wild side. When it comes to my wardrobe, I like to keep it fun, classy and business appropriate, so I feel like I can show more of my personality with my makeup.

I recently had the opportunity to review Wet n Wild’s new Max Volume Plus Mascara that I can’t get enough of. Hearing everyone say that they have the best mascara has become cliché, but I think Wet n Wild may be on to something. The packaging is even a hit! With a proprietary rubber brush that’s tapered so you can reach every lash with no clumping was ingenious. I can’t forget to mention I’m in love with the pop of pink that looks good every time I whip out my mascara.

On to the beauty trick! Most people think that if you wear faux lashes, you don’t wear mascara. Absolutely not true! They go hand-in-hand. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how mixing the two will give you the perfect brunching look. With this method, your faux lashes will look more natural and blend perfectly.

  1. Once your eye makeup is done, add the Max Volume Plus Mascara to your natural lashes. It will amp them up to 10x the volume. (pictured below with mascara. You can see how long and full my natural lashes look after application).

  1. Apply your faux lashes carefully.
  2. Once you have your faux lashes on, you want to slide the mascara brush on top of lashes and under the lashes – this will blend your natural lashes with the faux lashes and it will remove any unwanted makeup, giving you the perfect brunching look.(Below I am applying the Max Volume Plus Mascara on top of the faux lashes to blend them with the natural lash, which ultimately allows me to show off my true wild side.)

This trick will give you that flirty eye you’ve been wanting for your next event. Not only is the Wet n Wild mascara great for makeup tricks, but it also contains a special blend of Macadamia Nut, Jojoba, and Olive oils to condition the lashes, while the D-Panthenol helps to promote lash health. With a sleek design made with ergonomic tubing, you are sure to have the perfect application and beauty results.

Wet n Wild’s #StayWild campaign is for the girls who are wild at heart. They may have jobs, responsibilities, exams, kids…but who, deep inside, still embrace a wild side, their inner renegade that’s fresh, sassy. Who love a strong, black eyeliner, a fierce red lip, and loads and loads of lashes. For over 35 years, Wet n Wild has delivered the freedom to express your wild side for all women, inclusive of all ages, ethnicity, skin color, and economic status. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Wet n Wild continues to reach new accessibility and quality – giving women the confidence and freedom to #StayWild. Follow the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, handle @wetnwildbeauty!

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