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The power of Instagram! Feat. Moschino

I want to share with you a cool story concerning Instagram:

This past weekend, I had been in search for the new Moschino “Fry” phone case (From the Fast Fashion: Runway Capsule Collection). It hit Milan Fashion Week not too long ago and has been the hit all over Instagram. I really wanted this case and went to to order it, but of course, it was totally sold out (at that time)! What was I to do?! LOL

Well, I knew that this case had to be somewhere out there. Maybe someone was selling it or it was on ebay. The FIRST thing I did was go to Instagram and typed in the hashtag: ?#?MoschinoPhoneCase?. I knew that someone would either be selling one, or I would find another site to buy this designer case from. So around 11:30pm, I clicked on a girls page that had bought the phone case I wanted. She mentioned exactly where she had bought the case with hashtag: ?#openingceremony. The first thing I did was go to their site and there it was! The Moschino Fry Phone Case. I ordered it right away and I just received the email that it’s on the way.


The point of the story is that when you use the proper hashtags for your pictures, you open your BUSINESS up to ANYONE in the world searching that specific hashtag. Whether it be ?#?cupcake,? ?#?fashion,? ?#?motivationalspeaker,? or ?#?educator? you allow yourself to be open to a market that covers millions of people. The reason I was able to PURCHASE that phone case was because of Instagram. It definitely has the power to help you sell!


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Image by: WireImage / Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

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