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Video Blog: The Perfect Accessory for the Perfect Occasion.

There is absolutely one thing I can never leave the house without, and that’s a great looking accessory. When you have a great piece it not only looks fabulous on, but it adds an extra kick to any outfit! I love accessories because they can be worn in the workplace, a networking event, Sunday brunch and at that special party. It’s important to me that I find the perfect accessory, with the perfect outfit, for the perfect occasion so that I feel stylish and chic no matter what setting I’m in. So that includes having an everyday piece, which can be worn more often and in casual settings, and then a statement piece, which is worn to an event or less often but adds a big boom to an already fabulous outfit. As you can see here in my video on “How to Wear the Perfect Accessory for the Perfect Occasion”, I chose 4 pieces from my new Style Shoppe Collection that is inspired straight from the New York Fashion Week runway. It’s your turn to look the part and be the true Superstar you are, so take a look at this video so that you can have the perfect look for the perfect occasion.

If you’re like me, then you love a great necklace and you want to add it to your collection. Each piece in this video is available today, so all you have to do is head over to or you can click on the links by the pictures below to go directly to each piece. Enjoy!


Mint Stones with Orange Dangling Beads

Link: Mint Stones with Orange Dangling Beads

Black and White Square Stones

Link: Black and White Square Stones

Ultimate Floral Multicolor Chocker

Link: Ultimate Floral Multicolor Chocker

3D Silver and Pearl Necklace

*This 3D Silver and Pearl Necklace has just arrived to our collection, and is not yet on the site. If you’d like to order, please email me at

Pink Bullet Necklace

This Powder Pink Bullet Necklace is not yet on the site. You can order it by emailing me at

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