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Samsung NX Mini – Fashion Week’s Coveted Tech Tool

Wouldn’t you want to have the most coveted tech tool at New York Fashion Week? Fashion Week is about standing out amongst your peers in the fashion world. Everyone wants to know who’s wearing what and who was spotted where. It’s full of fashionistas trying to be unique in their own way yet still fit the overall season’s trends. Most people choose a shoe, a hot handbag or the latest runway look, but I went for something unique and different this year. I wanted something that would stand out yet be functional while I was on the go to fashion shows like Carolina Herrera, Ready to Fish by Ilja, or even Charlotte Ronson. To narrow down my items for travel, I decided on what accessories I couldn’t live without during my stay in the big apple. The final choice came down to my Samsung NX Mini which happens to not only be a camera that will fit into your purse ladies, but it is a selfie camera.

When meeting up with fashion’s top players like June Ambrose, Cara Loren, and Negin Mirsalehi to name a few, they were all amazed by the ease and high resolution of my camera. It was literally a life saver. Many times, the front of your phone camera screen just doesn’t look as clear as the back camera. Pictures come out grainy and it’s hard trying to keep one hand up in the air while trying to get everyone in the picture, but with this camera, you are able to capture the true beauty of each face and feature. When you want to take a selfie, the screen flips up and the lens faces you. You are able to set your features to automatically take your picture when you smile or wink an eye at the screen (how awesome is that). Even if you are using the camera to take pictures of something (like a regular camera) then you are able to flip the screen back to its original place and capture every moment.

So would I recommend this camera for the fashionista or fashionpreneur? Of course! If you are anything like me, then carrying your big Canon or Nikon can be frustrating when you are on the go. It means that you have to wear a huge purse or lug around your camera bag. The Samsung NX Mini is like a substitute for that. It’s small enough to fit in your purse, it barely weighs anything and the quality of your pictures are excellent. It has been such a great tool for my business and blogging career. I went all out and got the variety of lens, and other cool accessories to go along with this camera. My favorite feature is the wi-fi implementation, which allows you to transfer pictures from your camera to your smart phone in seconds. It’s perfect because the phone camera just doesn’t do the job sometimes, but you want to post photos fast. With the Samsung NX mini’s wi-fi, it cuts out the wait time and allows you to post your best photos from your camera to your social media in no time.

Oh! One more thing before I let you go. The camera comes in a variety of colors: powder blue, brown, pink, white, black and more! Some other features that may be valuable to you are: Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, DirectLink, MobileLink, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder PRO, AllShare, and Baby Monitoring. It’s definitely worth the investment – For what it does, I’d say it’s very affordable.

These 3 photos above are selfies done with the Samsung NX Mini and have no edits. Have I convinced you now?!

To shop this camera, I’ve provided picture links below. Click on them and you are able to shop the camera at a great price!

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