Ariana Pierce, the Superstar CEO
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Going Gingham

I absolutely love dressing up in fun costumes because I can become any of my favorite characters, but what’s even better is dressing up as something glamorous. This past week, my family celebrated my brother’s 18th birthday with a 1950’s theme. Trying to find the perfect look was made easy with this gorgeous gingham print… Read More

My Deer!

For Halloween 2013, I wanted to create a costume that was creative and required lots of pretty paint. I’m a Pinterest gal, so when I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to be, I went to my Beauty, Hair, and Makeup board for help. After searching and looking through my board, I found the perfect… Read More

Boo-tiful Halloween Nails

In honor of Halloween, I decided to do a post on some of my favorite boo-tiful nails. Any fashionista would agree that your nails are a very important part of your costume! Check out the pictures below of my favorite nails and even a few pics of my Halloween costume from this year!    Above:… Read More