Ariana Pierce, the Superstar CEO
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While doing this photo shoot with my photographer, Christian, a scary but funny thing happened to us. Where I live, there happens to be lots of deer that roam in the backyard. Well, we decided to head out to the back and take a few shots. While we were shooting, the deer began to stare… Read More

Every year around Christmas time, I make a special treat for the kids that are a part of my family. I like to have a creative Christmas theme that is outside of the box, fun and exciting. I couldn’t decide which dessert I wanted to make. Ideas that came to mind were a gingerbread man,… Read More

My Deer!

For Halloween 2013, I wanted to create a costume that was creative and required lots of pretty paint. I’m a Pinterest gal, so when I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to be, I went to my Beauty, Hair, and Makeup board for help. After searching and looking through my board, I found the perfect… Read More