Ariana Pierce, the Superstar CEO
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If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, then you may have seen our Christmas Stocking Stuffer Soiree! The night was full of fun and laughs as guests were able to shop Style Shoppe and Superstar Nail Lacquer at 50% OFF to fill their stocking and get gifts for loved ones.

This weekend, I wanted to share with you my photos from the Steve Aoki and Kendrick Lamar Concert. I went along with my little brother, Ryan, Michelle, and Patryce. Of course I love Kendrick Lamar, but it was my first encounter with Steve Aoki and electronic music (at a concert that is). The energy was… Read More

I love this beautiful, bold necklace set for the Summer! I wore it to a recent event, and it was all the rave. The thing I like about it is that you can dress it up or wear it with your casual clothes. Either way, it’ll add that pop to your already fab outfit. I’ve… Read More

I had the opportunity to sit down with C. Michelle, an up and coming makeup artist as well as fashion blogger. She is a student at Michigan State University. In a world where most students go to discover their talents, Cedasha is a head of her peers, as she goes to college to further her… Read More

What I’m Wearing

The necklace I’m wearing is by Style Shoppe. Style Shoppe jewelry is so feminine and rich. You can find this same jewelry on 5th Avenue, but Style Shoppe gives you affordable prices. It’s Rich girl beauty on a real girl’s budget. Style Shoppe carries this necklace now. Go to, or call Erin Johnson, Style… Read More