Being the owner of one of the top nail polish companies, Superstar Nail Lacquer,  and always being around nails gets my mind swirling on how to have the perfect manicure! When there is a chip at a Superstar Nail Lacquer showing, I cannot just sit there and hope none of the attendees see the chip on the model wearing Soho Chic. So I created 3 rules we at Superstar use whenever we have a nail emergency. Your manicure can be wrecked in seconds, but there is nothing to worry about. It can be fixed in an instant. Here are  3 techniques on what to do in a nail emergency and how to have the perfect lacquerized look!

1. Smooth it. If you get a smudge in polish that is not dry, dip the tip of another finger in nail remover and lightly rub it on the area in a circular motion. This technique will soften the nail lacquer and even it out. After, apply a layer of topcoat to the entire nail.

2. Fix A Chip. If you have nicked the nail lacquer down to your nail, fill that spot with a small drop of the same nail color and let it dry for a few minutes. (with superstar nail lacquer, it will dry in seconds) Then follow the process for smoothing out a smudge: Using a finger dipped in remover, buff the area where the old lacquer is now with the new lacquer. Finish with a top coat.

3. Mend A Break. Don’t you hate when you tear a nail? Well the fix is easy. Use a file to smooth the tear (clippers use pressure to cut, which can separate the polish). Get a file with a fine grit; it should feel like a canvas bag. If the tear is too deep to file, use nail glue to save your nail for a day or two. Gently lift up the torn nail, and add a small drop of nail glue, then press it down. Let it dry for about a minute, then use the buffering and topcoat technique I mentioned above to smooth the crack in the lacquer.

For long lasting nail lacquer that will dry in minutes, try Superstar Nail Lacquer today!

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