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The Secret To Being The Next Big Fashion Blogger


So you are trying to get free stuff in the mail? You want to travel the world? You want to be front row at fashion week? Well I have the exact answer for you that you’ve most likely overlooked your entire life. You know, there is a way to making it in this industry that most will not let you know about. It’s so simple, that they try to keep it hush because once the secret is released, there will be no stopping you and your brand. But there is one condition you must meet. Are you ready for the answer? The answer to having it all as a fashion blogger is gratefulness. Yes, true sincere gratitude for all that you have and that is done for you is the answer to what you have desired as a fashion blogger.


You know, saying thank you is a lost art these days. I’ve learned over the years that by showing gratitude can open major doors of opportunity for you and keep you on the minds of those who can help take you and your brand to the next level. While at an event in Miami, I was able to connect with the PR team of a company. When I got back home from the event, I rushed to my computer to send a simple thank you email. They hadn’t done anything for me at that time, but I was saying thank you for simply taking out the time to chat with me and be nice to me. A few weeks later, I heard back from the brand saying that they wanted to do an exclusive New York Fashion Week campaign with me. They wanted to publish our collaboration on their site and blog. And guess what? They gifted me with awesome new products from their collection. I showed gratitude for all that happened and we still have a great relationship today. This brand comes to me to host paid parties, attend events and collaborations. This all happened and continues to happen because I used the words THANK YOU!


So why is being grateful beneficial:

  1. The average person doesn’t show gratitude when something nice is done for them. To show that you are thankful will get the attention of brands and the connect you have working from that brand. The next time they have a major project, you’ll be high up on their lists because they know you will respect and represent their brand with honor.
  2. Being grateful shows your character. Brands know that working with bloggers is beneficial, but it can be a risk at the same time. The bloggers they choose to work with is a reflection of what they represent. When you show thankfulness, it sends a message that you are a good candidate for the job. You will be responsible and trustworthy, which is exactly what a company wants.
  3. It shows that you have business etiquette. The more professional you are, the more opportunities you will have. And paid ones at that. Remember that you get paid what you are worth. When you show that you are worthy, then you will be given worthy type of exposure.

The next question on your mind is probably how to even get connected to a brand if you are just starting off? Well, I started off by just showing up for local events in my town. Stores and brands are always hosting events to spread awareness in their city. I would pack my business cards, put on a networking outfit and attend events with the intent of meeting new people. I noticed that at every event, there was a representative of the brand attending. They are usually socializing and keeping the party going. I’d locate them and say thank you for inviting me. Of course they would be stunned (because most don’t say thank you) and at that moment we’d exchange business cards. It was that simple. The key is just being bold and looking for those who work for the brand. They are usually nice and very excited that you came to show your support.


My guarantee is that the more you show gratitude, the more opportunities will be granted to you. It’ll be more than you can think of, ask or imagine. You know my mom always says that showing gratitude opens the door for more opportunities to be grateful for.  So if you want more to be grateful for, you have to start showing gratitude for the things that have already happened for you. Try writing a thank you email to someone who has helped you recently. Even if it was for something small, saying thanks keeps you on their mind and will grant you access to a world most dream of. I could go on and on with the exact tools you need to succeed in your industry, but to find out more info sign up for my newsletter, The BillionHeir’s Report, at


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I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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