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Traveling Tips With Miami Living Magazine

Miami Living Magazine

Hi loves! I was recently featured in the August issue of Miami Living Magazine (I had two articles that were published to be exact). We talked the important of traveling and I gave some tips on enjoying vacation around the globe. When it comes to leaving home, being comfortable is most important to me and it’s what makes traveling safe and fun. It was fun sharing my secrets with Miami Living and I wanted to share them with you today if you missed it.

Article: What I love most about traveling is how it can expand your mind and exposes you to new ideas, opportunities and cultures. Whenever I visit a new place, I try to take on the theme of that country or city with how I dress, what I eat, and even how I photograph. It helps me to fully take in what that place has to offer and I find myself enjoying my travels even more.

To survive many of these amazing trips, there are things I call travel tricks and tips that I believe will help you enjoy your vacation even more.

  1. Let’s face it, jet lag is something that just sucks. It can cause you to miss a lot of great opportunities while traveling because your body is tired. To combat that feeling, drink lots of water so you can stay hydrated. Also, before you go to the country you’re about to visit, try going to bed according to their time zone, so your body can get used to it.
  2. Always pack comfortable shoes. This is so important because the comfort of your feet comes first when you are venturing out in a new place. Think about the activities you will be doing on your trip, and get shoes that are appropriate for it. I suggest bringing a pair of sneakers for hiking, cute flats for walking, and a pair of black heels for a special night out on the town. With these, you are prepared for everything.
  3. If you are traveling abroad, convert your money before you go, which will save you lots of time, fees and frustration that could come with trying to find a bank, ATM or money exchange kiosk. What if you have an emergency or need to catch a cab? Being stuck or stranded is never a good idea, especially if you are traveling alone, so be prepared with at least some currency of the country you are visiting.
  4. Get yourself a savvy passport cover. What I’ve learned from traveling over the years is that losing your passport and travel documents is easy when you are not organized. The Style & Travel Girl Passport Cover was beautifully designed to help keep all your things in one place with slots to hold your passport, license, and credit cards. We’ve recently upgraded our Pinky Pink and Soft Pink [and yellow] passport covers with RFID blocking technology to protect travelers from electronic pickpocketing. Now, you are able to travel in style and be safe all at the same time.

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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