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What To Read To Succeed

One of my favorite things to do after a long day of work is cozy up in my bed to a good book and tea. It’s still funny to read what I just wrote being that I didn’t want to think about picking up a book a few years ago. In my college days (not too long ago), there was so much reading that came with assignments. I was taking a full load and even went to school for two full years with no summer or winter breaks, so reading was the last thing on my mind. After finishing my homework assignments, I would focus on running my business and making that successful. Good thing my parents made me read a lot of business books before college, so by time I was doing my business, I had information instilled in my head that would help me push forward with building a successful brand. Needless to say, reading books that didn’t have to do with school was last on my list. I went on to graduate from Michigan State University and begin doing my businesses full-time. It was fun, but after a while, I noticed that the same tactics that worked in the past, didn’t seem to be working now. Things had changed, the internet had changed, but there was one thing that stayed the same, and that was mind-set. I began to get frustrated with running my company, so I had to take fast action. There were some old books that I pulled out from retirement that would get my mind back on track. Those two books were, As A Man Thinketh and Think and Grow Rich. Both had to do with thinking positively, attracting more clients and ultimately changing your mind for increase. It’s the basic books that every entrepreneur should read.

Over time, my mind begin to shift! I was back on track and attracting more in my business than ever before. Now that I had caught up on those two books, I wanted something that was new. I picked up a copy of Stacia’s Success Attraction Notes & Quotes, which literally changed my perspective on life and business. I began to write out my goals daily. I would say positive affirmation about my business and clients. I even became more organized and creative as a result of her book. Things really began to shift in my business. I was looking for answers and I found them. You know, many times, our solution can be found by picking up a good book. It’s true! Every time I need an answer in my business, I head to the bookstore to pick up a book that will help me get on track. It could be a book on social media, marketing, sales, or mind-set. Whatever the subject, there is an answer out there. Over time, I began to receive emails from my readers asking about problems they were having in business  and how to overcome them. From that, I decided to create an audio book called 30 Days To Making It, which gave insight on quick ways to turn your dreams into reality. I knew that young people had a hard time concentrating or they felt “too busy” to read, so doing an audio book presented a new way of reading for the person on the go! I want to charge you to pick up one of these books, as it could be the very answer that changes your life and business. Why keep looking, when the answer is right in front of you?

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I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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