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What To Wear To A Classy Baby Shower

It’s summer time, and that means more events and of course baby showers! As it’s an exciting time to celebrate family and friends who will soon welcome a new baby with love, the daunting question is what to wear? If you are anything like me, then you want to look the part and stay in the flow of the party theme. That doesn’t mean changing your entire style to fit in, but what it does mean is that you want to look appropriate. Though there are many different types of themes for baby showers, I’m going to focus on what to wear to a more formal one in this post. So let’s dive in!

Know your location: 

Knowing where the baby shower is held is a big clue to how you should dress. I recently attended a baby shower at the Ritz Carlton, which is a very upscale hotel. From this alone, I knew that I was going to have to dress up for the event and wear heels. The next time you are invited to a shower or any other event, research the location so you have an idea of what others will be wearing. That way you don’t look out of place but instead very classy!

White is always right:

White, creme and blush are great colors to wear to a classy baby shower because they are neutral but still very elegant. I’ve had this English Factory dress sitting in my closet for some time now, but as soon as I heard that I was attending an event at the Ritz, I knew that this would be the perfect choice. This particular baby shower was hosted by Nigerian parents, so I knew that there would be lots of dancing. I threw on my favorite nude dancing heels which are comfortable for a long day of being on my feet and my Fendi bag to add some contrast.


When it comes to remaining classy, many think that little to no accessories is what keeps an outfit appropriate. Guess what? That’s totally not true. Accessories are what can take a look over the top if done right. With this look, I decided to bring out the golden tones in my accessories but also added black and white contrast in my necklace. Here’s a similar piece that I’ve added to the summer collection. Shop it here

So the next time you are invited to a shower, remember these helpful tips I use whenever there is an event that I want to look classy for. If you totally are in doubt, feel free to ask the host what you should wear. They will be more than happy to answer your question, because you decided to take interest in their event.

Beautiful pictures from the baby shower

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