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What’s to come: New sounds from Brian McKnight Jr.

Above: Brian pictured with his dad and brother, Niko

So I had the opportunity to interview the talented Brian McKnight Jr. this week. How excited was the Heiress to get an exclusive interview with him. I met Brian on the set of the We Are The World project for Haiti. He is one of the most humble individuals I have met even though he has so much going on for himself. Not only does he sing, but he tours around the world with brother, Niko McKnight and his dad, the renown Brian McKnight, Sr. Well I could go on, but I’ll let you get to know Brian on your own.

Heiress: It was so exciting working with you on the We Are The World project! Your voice is beyond amazing. What was your experience like working on the project?

McKnight: Thanks Love! It was great working with you too! My experience while doing this project was simply amazing. I’m still surprised they even asked me to do it out of the many people that could have. I was absolutely honored to get to be a part of it all.

Heiress: So I see you have been traveling with your father on tour! What has the experience on the road been like for you? Where are some of the places you have performed?

McKnight: Wow. Me and my little brother Niko, 17, have been on the road with my dad going on 5 yrs now. Its been such a learning experience from a performing standpoint. I’ve always loved getting on a stage and singing for people, but to be able to watch my dad every night and take notes on how to talk to a crowd and lead a show has been a blessing. Being that i love traveling, being on tour has taken me places I’d always said I wanted to go. London, Paris, my favorites. Many of the islands. Asia, and Africa last year. If there is a venue, best believe we have played it haha.

Heiress: Let’s talk about your style! It’s crazy dope! How would you describe your style? What type of style do you like for girls?

McKnight: My style, let’s see. I’m real laid back, more of the jeans and a t-shirt kinda guy. But I spice it up with my shoes. Hightops and crazy colors. My little brother has got me into the skinny jean movement as of late, so I’ve been on my Levis 511’s haha. I love cleaning up though. Suits and tuxedos absolutely. A man should have a Suit for every occasion i say. The style I like for girls is Classy, yet unique, she should have her own little twist to it. She can’t be afraid to try new looks, keep me guessing.

Heiress: Do you have an album coming out soon? I along with several others will rush to the store to purchase it!

McKnight: Me and Niko actually are planning to drop our Debut self-titled album “McKnight” this summer. It’s much different from anything else out there, we are trying to get music back to where it used to be. Real melodies, Strong lyrics. We would much appreciate the support! And you never know maybe we can get you on it! haha

Heiress: Ahh that would be such a fun project to work on with you and Niko! Let’s do it! I’m ready as soon as you call! Thank you again Brian for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Your very talented and I cannot wait for the world to hear your project. I cannot wait to work with you again in the near future.

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