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3 Secrets To Mixing High & Low

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to take a million bucks when you know how to mix high and low. It really boils down to style and having a few key things in your wardrobe that will take any look over the top in just minutes. There are 3 secrets I use to upgrade my everyday look. Sure, I love splurging on quality clothing and accessories, but there are just as fabulous items at some of my favorite stores like Forever 21, Zara and H&M (which is where my top and pants are from). I’ll be sharing these tips with you today, and I know that they will help you look absolutely fabulous. So let’s get started!

1. Adding a designer purse is my first order of business when mixing high and low. It’s always good to invest in a quality bag because they last a very long time. The key is to invest in a handbag that isn’t so trendy but can be used over the years. Something like this Saint Laurent bag featured in this post, is classy yet makes the outfit pop!

2. Adding a gorgeous bauble or necklace to your outfit will instantly upgrade your look. It’s a great way to make a style statement because your necklace is usually the first thing people see. I like to wear necklaces that have shine and bling to it like this necklace here. Even though it’s black, it still has depth and crystals that take the look over the top. Of course, Style Shoppe has the perfect costume jewelry that will go with any look. The prices range from high to low so you have options depending on how much you want to spend at the moment.

3. Lastly, a great pair of designer shoes like these Stella McCartney’s will make your outfit look like a million bucks. Not only are quality shoes comfortable but they make such a bold statement. Many times, when you have on a great pair of shoes, people will overlook the rest of your outfit and go straight to your feet. That doesn’t mean your outfit isn’t great, it just means your shoes are doing the talking. Here’s your opportunity to mix something lower-end like your top and bottom and add a higher end shoe. It’s all about adding those few key pieces that will have the cameras flashing!

Mixing high and low should be fun! There are other ways to incorporate the mix into your look and I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you incorporate higher and lower priced items into your look? Or do you just do one or the other? Let me know!

Below I have provided images to shop my look from today’s post. If I had to suggest anything, I’d say go for the Stella McCartney shoes. They are SUPER fun and fashionable. Well until next time, enjoy your weekend!

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