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5 Benefits Of Blogging

Build your blog

When it comes to blogging, so many people think of the fashion lover standing on a random corner getting pictures taken of them all day and then posting those photos to a random website. It seems like a “hobby” for the young crowd and it’s a trend that will be gone in the near future. I’m here to disrupt this misconception by letting you know that if you are an entrepreneur, you should also be a blogger. Now the millennials get this, but I’m talking to the other audience who may be reading this post thinking about how blogging could really help your business. If you are still giving me a side eye, that’s okay because you are still reading this. That means that you are curious and willing to learn the new ways of marketing for this day and time. Get ready, because in this post you’ll learn the 5 benefits of blogging and how it can help grow, expand, and profit your business. All the information comes from my newest book, “How to Build Your Blogging Business…In a Week.” It’s been selling out like crazy because of the simple formulas and information given in the book to help you succeed in the blogging world no matter what industry you are in. Well I could keep going, but let’s get started!

Build your blog

First benefit of blogging: It makes you an expert in your field! When you take the time to write quality content on your field, whether it’s food, decor or fashion, people from the around the world will begin to come to your site for expert advice and strategies. The best way to build your expertise is to offer quality answers to people in your industry’s problems. When you find a solution that is helpful to others just like you, they’ll begin to call on you for the answers.

Second benefit of blogging: You will become a better writer! Practice really does make perfect. The more you write, the better you will become at it. Over time you’ll develop a writing style and voice that your audience will love. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and future customers or clients.

Build your blog

Third benefit of blogging: You will gain influence! It’s so true, the more influence you have, the more people you are able to reach. This is always a good thing when you are using your voice for good and not evil. You could change lives with your next invention, you could help a person become more healthy with your fitness blog, or you could help businesses market their brands with a business blog. Whatever it is, blogging done the right way can get your voice and product or service heard.

Fourth benefit of blogging: It helps you to expand your network. The amazing thing about blogging and social media overall, is that you are able to connect with people around the world who were once untouchable. Through blogging, I’ve expanded my network and now have connections with Fortune 500 companies, top fashion brands and influential world leaders. That’s exactly what can happen for you when you start consistently blogging and allowing people to comment on your posts.

Build your blog

Lastly, the fifth benefit of blogging: You can sell products or services. Yes, you really can profit from blogging. Now you can have ads that you profit from as well, but for this particular point I’m talking about a personal product or service. Since starting my blog, I have literally sold more Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style & Travel Girl Passport Covers than ever before. Why? Because people have connected with me on the blog, so they feel comfortable about buying my products. Here’s the thing? Customers are demanding more information and insight on the products or services they invest their hard working money into, and with a blog, you are able to fill that demand. Don’t be scared to talk about your product in a blog post, or share the benefits of what happens when they purchase your goods and services. Contrary to popular belief, people like to be sold too, so make it work their time and sell your goods!

Thanks so much for reading my post today! These are all the things I use to grow my blog and ultimately grow my online business and I’m certain they will help yours too. These tips are furthered explain in my all new book How to Build Your Blogging Business…In a Week which you can get HERE! Was this post helpful? Leave a comment below!

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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