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7 Things To Know Before Heading to The Gov Ball Festival

  1. Pocketable Jacket – I found the perfect pocketable jacket that converts into a backpack from one of my favorite stores, Zara. It was a great piece to have as it acted not only as a jacket, but a rain coat and holder for other important things I needed to carry at Governor’s Ball. Whether you get the exact one I have here, or you choose to order another, I think it’s a great idea to have this piece as it helps you to minimize what you have to bring along to the festival.

2. Bag or Fanny Pack – Even though I had a pocketable jacket, my Kate Spade belt bag was used to hold my money, cards and phone. I don’t feel comfortable with keeping money and important documents in a backpack, where someone is able to unzip and reach in while you are enjoying a show or two. Though I’ve never had a problem at this festival, it’s still important to think about your safety first.

3. Protective hairstyles – Protective hairstyle are a great idea for any festival, but there has been a pattern of raining the weekend of Governor’s Ball all three years I’ve attended. This year I was tired of looking like a wild animal after the rain, so I decided that I would get half braids and extensions, and do a really cute festival look. Braids are actually the perfect thing to get as it’s the go-to look for a weekend like this. If you are in the Orlando area, I went to Eshe Todd. Her and her amazing team did this really fun and girly lookon me.

4. Leather boots – Leather boots are a must for me as the grounds tend to be muddy starting day one. A comfortable leather boot will protect you from the mud, guard your feet from being stepped on and are much easier to clean once the festival is over. If you prefer sneakers, that’s perfectly fine too, just be sure that you wear a pair you don’t care too much about getting dirty (VERY DIRTY).

5. Buy tickets through Governor’s Ball website – Let me tell you a secret. Governor’s Ball continues to be the same weekend, and every time I have attended it tends to be a thunderstorm or tornado warning on the second or third day. The last two times I’ve gone, they’ve had to cancel Sunday’s concerts and refund that day along with ferry passes. This is only available for those who buy their tickets through the actual website. If you use third party websites, I suggest that you try to find tickets that are a very discounted price. If not, it’s better to get directly from the website to almost act as insurance for cancellation of shows.

6. Portable charger: Keep that battery life going with a quality portable charger. Because I had a backpack this year, I decided to bring two. One for myself and another as an emergency backup for the crew. It’s important to keep your phone charged as you may get separated from your crew and need to stay in contact with one another.

7. Festival safety: Learn the artists you are going to see, or ask questions. Certain artists are known for mosh pits. If you are really short, claustrophobic or afraid to get elbows thrown in your face or body, then watch the concert from the back and enjoy the view. You can actually see the artist really well back there while enjoying delicious mozz sticks or an iced cold brew coffee.

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