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8 Realistic Ways To Survive Coachella

  1. Plan Plan Plan – Take time before you head out to the festival to plan which artists you want to see. When I went the first time with my brother and some friends, I made the mistake of trying to see everyone. It was so exciting that I just didn’t want to miss out. Because of that, I got really sick from exhaustion, dehydration and dust in the air. I know that sounds really bad, but it can happen when you do too much. My advice is to plan out your must see concerts, and go with that. Trust me, your feet and body will thank you!
  2. Purse Chronicles – One of the worst feelings is having to lug around a heavy bag after standing for hours. I’d suggest taking a belt bag, cross body or backpack. *Just be sure to watch your backpack, as there are a lot of people close together. I would advise keeping money, phones and any other valuables in places where you can see. 
  3. Purify The Air – Over the last year, I’ve really gotten into essential oils, which are a great help when traveling. I love to pack my Saje Diffuser along with Thieves Oil and Hyssop, which help to keep my immune system strong.
  4. Phone Charger – You’ll want to have a phone charger or better yet, a battery case, that’ll keep you going throughout the day. There are so many fabulous moments and performances that you’ll want to record, along with posting on the gram, so you won’t want your battery to die during the best moments. *If that’s not enough, you’ll want to have your phone on to keep in touch with your group. Though Coachella is safe, it’s always best to have a way to contact your friends.
  5. Proper Shoe Game – Let me be 100% honest with you. Coachella is very fun, yet can be tiring. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must if you are going to be on the grounds all day. I know you’ve seen pictures of fabulous girls wearing heals or booties, but it’s likely that they wore those for the pic and switched to a comfortable sneaker for the remainder of the day. Also keep in mind that some people only come to see one or two concerts in a day, so their shoe choice may be unrealistic if you plan to do otherwise. Trust me, I also tried to do the “cute blogger shoes” my first time around, and my feet were pretty angry by the end of the trip. 
  6. Protect the feet – Like I mentioned, there will be a lot of standing and walking at Coachella, so I would suggest investing in a few pair of Dr. Scholl’s insoles. I could feel a major difference from last year’s discomfort. It used to be that after leaving the grounds each day, it would be so hard to walk, but with the insoles this year, I could go all day and could go a lot longer. 
  7. Pack your bandanas: It’s not only a fashion statement, it’s a great way to cover your nose and mouth when there is a lot of dust, which can be harsh on your lungs. You are in the desert, and it’s something that could help significantly. 
  8.  *Ladies, if this is your first time going to the festival, you could be worried about the porta potty situation. Good news is that once you get on Coachella grounds, there is a large area towards the entrance with real bathrooms and method soap! I don’t know about you, but that was major for me as I like to thoroughly wash my hands and use a clean restroom. You will see porta potties around, but I would suggest waiting for the real bathroom. 

*Pro-tip: Grab your full #OOTD pictures before heading to the festival, so you look fresh. This is the perfect time to put on those heels or not so comfy shoes. Once you get on the grounds, change your shoes to something you can walk comfortably in, and if you aren’t feeling the shoes, get those fabulous waist-up pics. 


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