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A Look Inside Of NYFW Day 2


Hey loves! I hope you are enjoying your day and off to a great week. I have received so many questions from women around the world asking me what New York Fashion Week is all about. Many of you shared with me that you felt like you had a front row seat during Fashion Week just by watching my daily Instagram posts. I found that to be so awesome as sharing my life and travels through Instagram is something that I love to do. With hopes to inspire young entrepreneurs around the world, I use my social media to show that you can live your dreams now and not later if you take the right steps in the right direction. In today’s post, I have something special for you. I’m going to be giving you a look into day 2 of New York Fashion Week. Now to keep the post at a fair length, I couldn’t fit every single show or event that I attended (there were at least 4-5 each day). What I did do is include some of my favorite moments from the day that really captured the essence of what it’s like to be in the mix. So to kick off day 2 of New York Fashion Week, it started with visiting the Conde Nast building.


Around 12pm: It was off to my first event, but I had to capture the beauty of Times Square!


Around 12:05pm: One of the exciting parts of NYC is catching a cab! In Orlando, everyone has a car, so seeing cabs aren’t very common. After a few minutes of waiting, I finally caught a cab to take me down to the meatpacking district!


Around 12:30pm: I made a stop by the Barbie Lounge! It was super girly, fun and classy. I was able to create my own personal barbie along chatting with blogger friends.


Around 1:35pm: I crashed the Style Coalition lounge with some friends who are a part of this lovely group. It was fun to rest my feet from walking the streets of NYC in my BCBG heels. Here with my mom (Dr. Stacia Pierce) and blogger, Tami Reed!


Around 2:35pm: After visiting those gifting suites, I dashed to the Lincoln Center to catch a few fashion shows.


Around 3:40pm: After seeing a few awesome shows, I filmed with E! News on my style and what I was wearing (which was Kate Spade dress, BCBG heels and Style Shoppe accessories)


Around 4pm: Captured a great picture with Mariano Di Vaio! Ciao


4pm: Photo-opp with this beautiful gal, Aimee Song, was awesome! I absolutely love everything about her.


Right after, I caught a quick snapshot with blogger, Amber Fillerup Clark, before a show.


Around 4:15 I took photos with my photographer around NYC! We captured a lot of great photos to blog about.


*Wearing my own line of accessories was pretty awesome as I was able to spread the word about Style Shoppe Accessories


Around 5pm: We wrapped up my photo shoot and it was off to the next two fashion shows!


Around 5:25: I went backstage with my friend, Tami, at the Saunder’s show to see the makeup, nails and clothes before it hit the runway. Going backstage is one of my favorite parts of New York Fashion Week as you get to interview the makeup artists, nail techs and designer concerning what the inspiration was behind their “runway look”.  Pictured here is the entire spring/summer 2015 collection.



Around 6pm: I was off to see the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection for Charlotte Ronson which was one of my favorite shows this year. The look was very feminine, neutral and comfy-chic…..Then it was off to dinner with family and friends! I was a bit tired from the long day, but it was definitely worth it.


If you enjoyed this post, please let me know! I’ll be back for more this week featuring my Fashion Week experience.

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