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Holiday Party With Basic Invite

Basic Invite

Tis the season to be jolly! This is my favorite time of year to spend with family and friends as we drink lots of hot cocoa and celebrate the good times. From Thanksgiving on, it seems like there is a party happening every week up until the new year as we love to spend this time with our loved ones. Hosting parties has been something we’ve done since I was a young girl, and it’s now become tradition. 

When it comes to the perfect invite, we are very particular about choosing ones that are colorful and make that “wow” first impression. It has to have lots of color, beautiful artwork and the ability to be customized. It’s one thing to have standard invites, but going the extra mile to ensure that our cards stand out, has always added sparkle to our holiday festivities. That’s why I was so excited to team up with to create the perfect holiday party invites. With over 180 different color options, the ability to change the color of each element on the card, and foil holiday options, there is nothing short of amazing about it.  

Basic Invite

While going through the process to create these amazing holiday party invites, I decided that I wanted to go with a beautiful green with shades of red and blush pink to fit our pink Christmas theme. I went with the traditional envelope, but the site offers over 40 different shades to choose from. One of my fave options is how they offer a PRINTED sample to see exactly how my card would turn out. This was when I fell in love. Though I am an avid online shopper, there is still that unknowing feeling that comes when you aren’t able to touch and see the product. Well, Basic Invite takes out all the guess work, and they are one of the very few sites to even have this feature. 

Basic Invite

If you’ve seen our holiday parties in the past, then you know that we have lots and lots of guests who attend. That means if we have paper cards, then there is a lot of shipping that has to take place. While ordering my cards, Basic Invite offered an address capturing service that I’m able to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other form of social media to request my family and friend’s addresses that’ll be stored in my account and used during the design process. It offers recipient address printing at no extra cost on all Christmas card orders. 

Basic Invite

So whether you are in need of company Christmas party invitations, elegant holiday party invitations or Christmas cards, there are over 250 designs available to make your event extra special. Be sure to get yours just in time for the holidays, because right now Basic Invite is offering 30%  off orders with coupon code: holi30  

Trust me, you’ll thank me later! 

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