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How I Use My Fashion Planner

(Cutting out fashion inspiration for the month of November)

Being a fashion blogger and overall fashionpreneur didn’t come so easily when I first set my intentions to fill these titles. I had dreams, desires, and ultimately a big vision that I wanted to accomplish. I knew that all these things were possible, so I set out to do it. Over time, I ran into problems like trying to stay consistent with my blog posts, building a following, and staying organized with my daily wardrobe. I heard that insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results, so I took FAST ACTION to solve these problems.

After many tested and proven solutions to the problems I was running into, I created a monthly system to keep me organized, productive and profitable. I began to see results in my business and blog on a daily basis. Companies from across the country would contact me to do collaborations featuring their new collections or hire me to endorse their brand. The list includes: Kipling USA, Chatbooks, State Farm, Olay, and Burt’s Bees to name a few. The list goes on (which I’m so thankful for), and it literally feels like Christmas everyday at my mailbox. If you ask me which collaboration or event I’ve been most excited about, it’s the opportunity to attend fashion week. Staying consistent with the system I’ve created has caused me to gain invaluable invites and receive backstage access to some of the most coveted shows.

(Me backstage at the Naeem Khan show in the Lincoln Center)

One thing that bloggers struggle with is building their following and readership. I discovered the keys and techniques to improving these numbers is getting reposts from other major publications and readers. Having features in Essence and Sister 2 Sister has been exciting, and it came by following a serious system that is easy to implement. The only thing is, is this system only works for those who are serious about taking their wardrobe, business and blog to the next level.

(A page from my Superstar Chic Fashion Planner; Gathering inspiration and ideas to deliver on my blog)

After putting together and finding the formula to building a successful fashion brand and blog, I decided to put these techniques into the Superstar Chic Fashion Planner! The planner prompts you to plan out your blogs posts for the entire month, and includes: a blog check list, Chic Idea log and so much more. It’s finally a secret that I want to share with you for only $39. The amounts of success you will see for the price this planner cost you is impeccable. It’s time to ask yourself if you are ready to take action, get focused and change your outcome for the better!

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I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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