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How To Capture Great Camera Phone Pics While Traveling

Traveling to amazing destinations around the world calls for must-have photos to share with family and friends, and for your personal keep-sake. After traveling from city to city and country to country, I would look back through my pictures and realized that I didn’t really capture my experience in the best way possible. What could I do in those moments of travel when I didn’t have a professional camera and needed to capture some amazing photos while experiencing new territory? Today, I’m going to give you some fun and easy tips on capturing the best photos right with your phone.

  1. Daylight is your best friend

Get up and get going is our mantra when traveling to new destinations. Though traveling abroad can be tiring and you may experience some jet lag, be prepared to push through those moments if you want to capture the best pictures possible. While in London last month, my team and I woke up at 6:30am every day to get some photos around the city. Below, I took a gorgeous shot of Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye peaking through. Because we were out early, we were able to capture the beautiful blue sky and clear shot without too many tourists.

2. Choose the right setting

While visiting Harrods (shown below), I had to stop by the perfume area to take a picture of the entire room. With the beaming lights and colorful perfume bottles, there was no way I could pass up this pic to show the inside of one of London’s top tourist destinations. When visiting tourist destinations, always look for a beautiful setting. Try not to pass up on gorgeous fixtures, beautiful floral arrangements, gorgeous floor tiles, and astonishing artwork on historic ceilings.

3. Find a unique angle

While visiting the Buckingham Palace, I wanted to capture its beautiful details in a unique way. Instead of taking the picture straight on, like most people do, I decided to capture the gate from an angle. Below you can see the details of the golden artwork with the Palace peaking through from behind. Find two or three unique angles and get to snapping pictures. Play with it until you find a cool way of capturing the moment!

4. Find a new perspective

Below I was enjoying a beautiful walk in the streets of NYC. I wanted to capture the structure and buildings that make New York so great, but this time in a softer way. Before crossing the street, I happened to see a beautiful arrangement of flowers and as I peaked through this hole, I knew that capturing the city within the flowers would make the photo really stand out.

Here’s a tip: when capturing a new city, look for new perspectives. If you are by a group of flowers, how can you capture their beauty along with adding in parts of the city? Try capturing it or any other object from a higher view like your hotel window if you are on the top floor. Experiment until you are truly satisfied with your photo.

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