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London With Black Girls Travel Too

Black Girls Travel Too London

One of the best experiences I’ve had this year was joining the awesome online-Instagram sensation, Black Girl Travel Too, on their trip to London. We spent 7 days touring, laughing and having lots of girl time while learning about so much of the history that England has to offer. The group had around 15 girls total, which I thought was perfect. There were no girl fights and everyone got along so well, which was amazing. It’s always good when you can get away from the boys and meet women from around the world who are all so different, yet have one thing in common, travel. 

To recap our trip would take days. There were so many activities that we did as a group, which was so much fun and made my trip back to the U.K. so different from before. Each day we would wake up around 7 or 8 am and go down for breakfast with one another. After breakfast, we made our way around the city to visit historical sites like The Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The Crown Jewels and Kensington Palace to name a few. 

Black Girls Travel Too London

What made this trip so unique was that we were able to go visit Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge which average about 2 or more hours away from London. Each of these places were so fun and definitely have a different feel and vibe than London. My favorite was visiting the Windsor Castle, which is currently one of the places where Queen Elizabeth stays periodically. We were able to go inside to see the Royal Apartments, Royal Dinning Sets and so much more. I wish we had more time there to just explore, but I plan on making my way back soon. 

If you have time while in the UK, I would definitely suggest visiting these three locations. The rich history from each one is amazing and it’ll take your trip over the top. 

Black Girls Travel Too London

Girl’s night out was so much fun! The last day of our trip, we were whisked away on a luxury boat ride for dinner with the entire group and the owner, Danny Mitchell. It was so fun to get dressed up and recap our entire trip with the girls before flying back home. We danced. We sang. We did our last cheers to such a successful trip. 

Now if you are someone who is looking to travel at an affordable price, with a group of like-minded, success driven women, then this is definitely a travel group you should be a part of. What I love most about Black Girl’s Travel Too is that it gives you an opportunity to go places you always dreamed of visiting, but may have been scared to go to by yourself or you may have thought it was just too expensive. I’m excited to be joining them on more trips in 2017, and I hope to meet you on one of them. Let’s have lots of fun traveling the world in style! Click here to check out more trip opportunities coming soon in 2017

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