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My Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Let me be honest, waking up in the morning was a hassle growing up. I would wake up just in time for school or an appointment to find myself rushing to get out the door. Over time, I wanted to have peace when waking up in order to have more productive days. One of the things that my mom taught me was that a system or routine is what will help me to get order in my day, so that’s exactly what I did. I created a morning routine that has helped me to gain clarity in my business,  be more productive, stay focused and have more success in my life than ever before. Today I want to show you a glimpse of my morning and how you too can have a great one.

Read Bible verse and meditate: When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is thank God for another day. Being grateful is truly the key to my happiness and success in life, so I take time to show it everyday. Once I give thanks, I read a bible verse and do some mediation about how I want my day to play out. This practice has caused me to have more productive days because visualization comes before manifestation.

Morning Routine

Check Instagram & post: Next on the list is checking Instagram and updating my feed with a good photo to start off the day. I love going to check up on my family and friend’s pages and making an awesome comment. Growing your social media has a lot do with engaging with others online, so I take about 15 minutes every morning to do so.

Morning Routine

Read up on fashion magazines: One of the ways I stay inspired on a daily basis is to catch up on my magazines and online articles. This is where I come up with my next blog posts, business ideas and marketing concepts. So many times people ask how to produce blog topics and stay creative as a blogger and entrepreneur. My main answer to them is that you have to constantly fill yourself with new information. When you do, you’ll stay relevant and right in tune with what your audience is looking for. Once I find things that speak to and inspire me, I cut out pictures and words and paste them in my Superstar Chic Fashion Planner to fully lay out and process my ideas for quality content.

Of course, great pjs are a must! This year, I decided to upgrade my pajamas by getting classy ones that make me feel feminine. It’s true, the more confident you feel about yourself, the more you will be able to produce good things in life. I dare you to try it. Upgrade your pajama sets, and see how it makes you feel. I promise, your morning will be so much more brighter. Of course, I’m not going to just tell you to pick stuff without giving you the perfect recommendation. So below are a few of my favorite Pj’s that you can shop right by clicking the links below.

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I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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