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Skip The Party, Start a Business

Skip The Party

Everyday, I have spent time watching the Olympics play out in Rio, and I find myself getting so excited to see Michael Phelps. Not just because he happens to be really hot (LOL), but because he is one of best swimmers of our time. This man is literally a fish. After I watched him win yet again another gold medal, this amazing commercial featuring Michael Phelps for Under Amour came up in my feed and really inspired me (You can see it here).

The video showed how Phelps prepared for the olympics and how grueling the process was. It ended with a statement that said, ” It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light“. Wow! This is all so true. What you do in your secret time when no one is watching or cheering you on will show when it’s time to perform. My mom always says that preparation is never lost time and I believe that with all my heart. Taking time to prepare, train and be your ultimate best is how you can be successful not only in sports but in your business.

I know this all to be true in my personal life. Starting my first business at 13 years old was not an easy task. Though I wanted to an entrepreneur, there was peer-pressure and distractions that came my way every single day that I had to overcome and fight against. Something happens when you decide to live your life with purpose at a young age. While most teens are focused on their crush and being accepted, I wanted to learn in school and be my best. Well guess what? Though that’s what kids are supposed to do, I was teased and bullied for wanting to do the right things. Literally teased on a school bus by the entire sports teams – you bet I wanted to bust out and cry. Even going through college had it’s obstacles. There were times when I wanted to hang out with friends or be on the scene, but instead I had to work on my business. You know what helped me to fight through all of it though? My desire to succeed as much as  I wanted to breathe.

I’m only in my 20’s and I’ve been able to travel the world on private jets and have been flown in to speak in the Bahamas. I’ve met political figures from around the world. My business has been featured in Glamour Magazine, US Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Ambassador Magazine,, Entrepreneur,, Black Enterprise, BET and so much more, but it was at a price. The price was instead of going to the club on Friday night, it meant doing my homework so I could use my spare time to work on my business. Instead of going out for drinks, it meant getting a lesson ready for a presentation I would have to present to a group of 500+ girls in the Bahamas. Instead of using my spare time to lounge around and watch TV, it meant going over color swatches for Superstar Nail Lacquer. This is not to say that relaxing or watching your favorite show is bad, but what I’m trying to get across to you is that in order to be successful now, you are going to have to skip many of the things that lead to distraction and focus on opportunities that will get you to your next level…even if it means skipping out on some fun!

Skip The Party

In my new book, Skip The Party Start a Business, I share what it was like for me to grow up as a young person who wanted to be an entrepreneur. From the good, the bad and the ugly I go deep into what it really takes to overcome distractions and how you can get through the tough times so you can see true victory and prosperity in your life. At the end of each chapter, there is an activity to go with the lesson taught that will show you how to apply the many success tips given in your everyday life. Today I want to share with you a few of the top principles it takes to be successful in your life and in your business, and they are all from my new book.

  1. You must read to succeed – From Chapter 7: Reading is fundamental to your success, no matter what industry you are dreaming or striving to be in. It’s that secret that doesn’t seem to matter, but actually matters the most. Did you know that successful people read at least one page a day from a book? Why? Because it keeps your mind sharp and it’s a way to continuously expose yourself to new ideas and ways of profiting in your brand and business. Also, accomplished people leave clues in books, courses and materials. They want to share insightful information with you, but they know that you will only respect that information if you invest in it. That’s exactly why I wrote, Skip The Party Start a Business because I wanted to give you the true keys to being successful at a young age.
  2. Get a mentor – From Chapter 4: The power of a mentor is what can catapult you to your next level in life and business in less time it would normally take to become a success. A mentor can be someone you know or a person you admire from a far. Basically, you take time to learn from them by either joining a program they have to offer (example: ours is Success Mastery) or buying their material. I’m telling you this secrets now, EVERY single successful person has a coach. There is no way around it. Why? Because you need someone to lead you, guide you, cheer you on and stretch you beyond your comfort zone.
  3. Believe you can be successful – From Chapter 9: Before anyone else can think you are a success, you have to believe that you are success first. Before I ever owned Superstar Nail Lacquer or any of my other companies, I believed that I could be a top entrepreneur. At the time, I didn’t know how I could build a nationally known brand, or get celebrities to wear my products, but I did have a journal, a pen and a mind to dream big and visualize my way to the top. I share more in Skip The Party Start a Business, on how you can take a leap of faith  and go after your goals even when you are afraid. Not everything played out perfectly for me in business. When things seemed like they were going south, I said a prayer and got the answers to making it go right. This can happen for you too, BUT you have to be willing to put in the work and push forward until you see things begin to turn in your favor.

Testimonials from people who have read, Skip The Party Start a Business 

Skip The Party Testimonials

“Do you want to inspire a young person in your life to take intentional actions to live the life of his or her dreams? Gift them a copy of Skip The Party by Ariana Pierce. It will inspire them to get serious and focused on a lifetime of success through manifested dreams.” – Tamra Vanderhorst

“My current read!! Chapter 8 in “Skip The Party, Start a Bsuienss” is too real!” – Ashley Williams

“Just finished the first chapter of the book and all I can say is wow. I’ve NEVER been one to sit down and read a book, but with this I couldn’t put it down. So amazing. Thanks so much for writing this.” – Curtis Jr.

“Picked up this little gem at the Women’s Success Conference. It’s a great read, shows the commitment of this young lady on her path to being a successful entrepreneur!” – Vee Vaughn


I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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