Ariana Pierce, the Superstar CEO
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LuckyFabb 2

Day 2 of LuckyFabb in New York City was absolutely life changing and informative. From around 10:30am to 5pm, I learned and sat under some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty and cosmetic industry. As an entrepreneur, I believe that you must continue to expand your mind by reading books, going to… Read More

Hey loves! I’m back for another blog post this week featuring my ‘Outfit Of The Day’. I decided that I would be inspired by Superstar Nail Lacquer’s Gucci Green color. It’s an elegant emerald green with a hint of gold. Not only does it have a rich name, but the color itself will add what… Read More

Can you tell I have spring fever?! I decided to dedicate my outfit to Superstar Nail Lacquer’s It Girl Orange. The color is bright, fun, and super fashionable. Whenever I am filling a bit blue, I throw on a coat of It Girl Orange and it always brightens my day. Perfect for spring and summer,… Read More

New Year, New Nails! It’s time that you take your nail game to the next level for 2013. Nail polish is no longer just paint for your nails, but it has become an accessory! It is just as important as your jewelry or designer pumps. As the owner of nail polish brand, Superstar Nail Lacquer,… Read More

I had a great time at one of Orlando’s socialite’s, Nicole Stewart’s, jewelry party! It was a night full of fashion, fun and laughs. Nicole has a beautiful line of bracelets called Tesoro by Nicole that I couldn’t resist! Below you can see the bracelet I had to have. I’m definitely a neutral girl, so… Read More