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The Creation of a Fashionpreneur


Fashionpreneur. Noun: A woman who gracefully mixes fashion and entrepreneurship to build her empire – Ariana Pierce

To expound on this meaning further, a Fashionpreneur is a strong, intelligent, go-getter and boss who is gracefully using her knowledge in the fashion and beauty industry to build an empire for herself. A true Fashionpreneur is humble, respectful and unashamed of her success journey. She knows that it takes time to build her empire, so she doesn’t mind grinding now so she can shine in her future. She is a reader and takes in knowledge from those who have the right answers whenever possible. Her main goal is to succeed so that others are inspired to do the same around her.

How I came to be known as the Fashionpreneur and the concept behind it:

Both of my Fashion brands, Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe, have allowed me to see success in so many ways, and I am grateful for them. I started my brand at the age of 18 years old going into my freshman year at Michigan State University. I didn’t have much media outlets or capital for extra promotion, so I went to social media to help build my brand. It started with Twitter and Facebook at that time. I knew specifically with Twitter that I could reach and network with anyone with an open page and an ear to listen. I began tweeting those I didn’t even know links to my sites and posting daily to all my social media networks. Over time, my following began to grow and so did my brand. Sales increased, our reach increased and celebs began to take notice of the brand. Then came Instagram, which happens to be one of my favorite social media networks and apps. I knew that I could take my brand to a whole new level with it. Instagram reaches and has a growing number of  over 100 million active users. With the proper posting and hashtags, you are able to reach a community of people that were once never reachable (I could go on, but that is all in my course Instasuccess on Instagram, and I don’t want to over share).

Before I could use Instagram (and other social media sites) to their full potential, I had to find my story. Every single post tells a portion of your life and brand, and in order to be truly successful I needed to hone in on my company’s story and message. As I continued to post pictures and status updates on social media I realized that my life consisted of mixing fashion and entrepreneurship to build my empire. I discovered that when I began to post about fashion and give some advice about entrepreneurship to go along with the photo, my posts began to gain more likes, comments and it drove up my sales because my followers connected with my story. It was authentic and it came natural to me. I was always giving people advice and I loved to dress up. One day a lightbulb went off and I came up with my story of being a FASHIONPRENEUR. It was perfect! I knew that this would revolutionize the fashion industry and bring light to what girls around the world were to doing as they were on their grind in fashion and entrepreneurship.

As I began to hone in on my story and create the Fashionpreneur life and example, I decided to create the Fashionpreneur Tee! It has been a product that I have become proud of as I see ladies around the world wearing my shirt as they attend fashion and business meetings, conferences and fashion shows, declaring that they are a Fashionpreneur building their empire. Once I discovered the power of a Fashionpreneur, I couldn’t help but think about those who may not be in the fashion or beauty industry, but they still are profiting from their passions. I then produced the Passionpreneur Tee for a person who turns their hobby into a paycheck and their passion into profits! Mixing passion with entrepreneurship to build one’s empire. These terms have become a part of my business philosophy and I’m so excited to spread my message around the world. 


Here are some awesome posts from ladies who have been inspired to take on the message of being a Fashionpreneur & Passionpreneur:

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5 Rules To Becoming A Successful Fashionpreneur or Passionpreneur

1. Read to succeed: Reading is vitally important to the success of your brand and business. You are only able to succeed as far as your knowledge will take you. Get books on how to run a successful business overall and books on your specific industry.

2. Find a mentor: Success breeds success! You become like those you hang around and listen to. Look for someone around you who has knowledge in the industry you want to succeed in. Remember to respect their time and advice. Give something of yourself as a way to say thanks for all they have done for you. Joining a coaching program changes the game. When you do it alone you do it the hard way, when you do it with a coach or with help, you do it the fast and easy way.

3. Hone in on your story: Your business will grow when you know your brand and company’s message. What does your fashion brand offer the customer? How should they feel when they wear your product or use your services?

4. Network: Deals don’t just come to you because you are talented or have a good business, money making deals happen when you network with others. Decide that you will pass out at least 10 business cards per day for your business. Get books and audio CD’s on how to properly network and work a room, especially if you have a more reserved personality.

5. Believe in you: At the end of the day, no one knows or appreciates your business more than you do as the creator. Everyday you wake up, affirm and speak out of your mouth that you have a successful business and you enjoy doing what you love. When you speak goodness over your brand, you begin to believe in it more and more. Remember, a successful person and business starts with the person believing they can be a success first, before it ever manifest!

I’m so grateful that I’ve achieved so much at a young age, and that I have the privelege of being a CEO and living the entreprenur’s lifestyle. I’m not content just to succeed for myself, though. I love to empower others and see them succeed also!


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