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The Denim Challenge

This post is promoted by Target.   A little challenge is always fun, right? For sure! One thing you probably didn’t know about me is that I love a good challenge because it helps me to think outside the box and get super creative. Well, I decided to take it upon myself to style two pairs of jeans, both skinny but very different in style. First of all, finding the perfect jean to fit my body shape was a challenge in itself. I’ve always been semi “anti-jean” until I was able to test the new denim line from Target. What’s so amazing is that my boyfriend complimented me on my jeans and mentioned that this was the first time my pants fit me right. You bet I smiled for the entire day. On to the challenge! The first pair of jeans I tried were the dark blue skinny jeggings that fit like a glove. What I like most about this jean is that the color can go with everything. A great pair of dark blue denim goes a long way when it comes to styling an everyday on-the-go look. They are also fabulous because they go with my favorite flats without looking frumpy. Now here’s were the tough part came in to play. Though the second pair of jeans was skinny, which I love, they were a lighter color, which honestly scared me. In my mind, darker clothes mean slimming and lighter clothes mean not so skinny. As these thoughts were running through my head, I threw on the grey high-rise jeggings, with a black tee and sexy-girl heels. The result was super cute yet comfortable. I’m so happy that I challenged myself to try these new pair of jeggings because my thoughts about them were totally wrong. It was so fun finding a new look that was actually perfect for my shape and was very slimming. I encourage you to do the same. Try on your favorite pair of jeans and style it to your liking. Then, get a pair of Target denims that you aren’t accustomed to wearing and style it. It’s amazing the results you will see when you just think and dress outside the box. That’s the best thing about fashion; it should challenge you to try new styles and techniques. An added bonus is that you get free shipping and returns when you buy online for the first two weeks of August when you shop denim on!

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