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The Secret To Dealing With Failure in Business

A few years ago, I was super excited as I received a life changing call from a major TV network. They wanted to do a deal with my brand, Superstar Nail Lacquer, for an upcoming reality show at the time. We worked the deal over a few months and things were going great. This was going to be the moment that made Superstar Nail Lacquer an internationally known brand. It was going to catapult us the the next level…As time went on, the next phase of the deal was to create a collection of nail colors and names that went along with the show theme. This collection cost us thousands of dollars, but that was okay, right? We were going to make it back x 10. Everything looked great until one last phone call. I hopped on the phone, ready to finalize the deal and go over the new collection we had collaborated on. As the conversation went on, things begin to go sour. The TV network went on to tell me that there were some things my brand didn’t have in place and felt that I wasn’t “ready” to handle the large amount of exposure we were going to receive. At that very moment, my jaw dropped. I had already invested so much in collaborating this brand. They had basically gave me their promise and now they were backing out. Sadness, anger, embarrassment and the feeling of failure were just a few of the emotions I felt. Though it was a sad day, I knew that I couldn’t stay in this mindset.

I recently quoted in my interview with Urbanology Magazine that, “The good thing about failure is that it causes you to see where you made the mistakes and go back and change it, if you have the right attitude. I was down the first couple of days, and said, ‘this sucks.’ But I told myself that I had to get over this and that I had to go back and change what failed … Take a day, be sad, be salty, and then after that, brush it off and fix what it is that you failed at.” And that’s exactly what I did. Eventually, I came up with a marketing strategy to sale the new nail lacquer collection, and it pushed me to get creative. Soon after that, we were on track to being an internationally known brand even without the TV deal. Life was good and things were looking up! But it started when I changed my attitude, refocused my energy on winning instead of failure and trusted God.

After this experience, I learned the secret to dealing with failure is to learn from it and turn it into a positive. Look for the good in the situation. Create a new marketing campaign, create a new sales plan for your business, create positive affirmations about things turning around for you and your business. This is how you overcome failure.

Here’s a positive affirmation I say about my business to deal with disappointments and failure:

My business prospers every single day. Things are going great for me because I am witty and wise. There is peace in my heart because if what I want doesn’t exactly come my way, I know that something greater than I could think of, ask for, or imagine is happening for me now. I’m grateful for this or something better already being present in my life for the best. Thank you, God. It’s done. Show me now!

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